Student Feedback

Student response rate: 80%
Job-hunting and Business Plan
“Helped me learn important skills to get a job”

“I have a much better idea of what work I want to do”

“I know much more about how to go about looking for a job”
“I am more confident I will get a job”
Business Skills
“Better understanding of financial planning and why it’s important”
“I have got the ability to run a small business”

“Now I know more, I could be a successful entrepreneur”

“I would like to learn more about business skills”
Life Skills
“I feel better equipped to work with other people”

“I believe in my own abilities a bit more”

“I am more confident that I can make a success of things”
“It has helped me create a vision for the future”
One thing you found most useful about course delivery? 

“Role-play and group discussions”

“The patience of all staff to get to know us/assist/needs”
“The discussion on business”
“It helped me open up as I’m usually a closed person”
“MBTI [Myers Briggs]”
“It gave me a deeper understanding of myself and others”
Would you recommend Blast?
YES “Helps you understand what is possible upon release and what direction is right for you to achieve your goals”
YES “I believe I have changed from the person who walked in through the gates   three years ago. Blast have supported and assisted me”
YES “It helped in moving forward in work and business”
YES “It has helped to understand who I am and where I want to go”
MAYBE “Only after a full introduction of what it’s about”
YES “It has worked well for me”
YES “It gives the opportunity... to really break free from all the mental restraints that usually hold them back”
What did you find most useful and why?
Business Plan
Group discussions (open conversations)
Doing work about identity, learning about myself and others
Creating an excellent CV
Job Club