Be Inspired

Our driving passion

The driving passion of BLAST is to bring hope of a better life to offenders and change society's view of correctional facilities. Prison inmates have a massive reservoir of untapped potential. Their latent potential once expressed itself in illegitimate business endeavors. BLAST seeks to redirect these men into legitimate enterprises, leveraging their proven entrepreneurial skill-sets to inspire an even deeper change.

We accomplish this mission by linking top business and academic talent with programme participants, mentor relationships and straight-up entrepreneurial passion. Our goal is to drive down the re-offending rate and deliver a sustainable re-entry into society. When reformed offenders are given the opportunity, appropriate training and a shot of hope, life transformation isn’t only possible, it is proven and BLAST is here to fulfill that dream.


We have discovered that in order to incite lasting change in the lives of our participants, a holistic approach is paramount. In addition to a rigorous in-prison business programme, we teach our overachieving underdogs essential life skills like moral decision-making, the importance of spiritual discipline, how to treat others and what employers look for when hiring.

We believe empowering student inmates to strive for total life transformation is the only answer to the problem of re-offending.

Breaking the Cycle

Prison makes “personal change” difficult. Gang leaders consider pursuing an education and following the rules as threats to their control. Self-improvement is especially tough for the youngsters. Think of crabs pulling each other back down in the bucket. BLAST breaks this mold by providing a brotherhood of men who are all striving for the same goals. The men push each other to achieve and support one another when they struggle.

They carry this brotherhood into the “free world,” thus creating a growing fraternity with every class. This fraternity works as a network of brothers who can instantly relate to one another. We did not require this “free world” brotherhood—they built it.

One Big Family

At our core, we are all one big BLAST family serving our brothers with accountability—loving them with high expectations and a deep well of grace. From our mentors to our family liaisons, our entire program is committed to creating a family atmosphere for our staff, participants and their families. We are committed to our graduates for life.

Our extended family includes our supporting cast of incredible volunteers and donors. Across the board we are providing ways for people to be involved in the exciting business of life transformation. By providing volunteer opportunities to executives, MBA students, churches and your average concerned citizen, we are creating a new ethos for prison volunteerism. The BLAST family continues to grow and profound change continues to “wow” us every day.

The Outcome

The following Outcomes should be expected…

– Change of Heart with Assessment of behavioural change
– Potential Business concept or Career Path
– Business plan concept initiation
– Defined career objectives
– Understand Your Marketplace and potential Customers
– Business Finance
– Understanding Financial Planning