Our prisons are filled with some of the neediest people, trapped in a cycle of poverty living a life of crime. We want to work together to deliver and change this. BLAST work with those whom society has cast off; instead of sending them back out to commit more crime, BLAST will develop their skills in turn challenging them to maintain high standards in their lives. BLAST want them to see Gods love in action.

BLAST want to see men and women who have only known a life of crime transformed, leaving their old life behind to start a new life and never return to prison; living out lives inspired by and demonstrating Christian values.

BLAST envisage that transformation will not only take place in the hearts and minds of student prisoners but in their families, prison officers, mentors and others involved with this project.

BLAST and our bl&sthrough Programme was inspired by a highly successful (current) initiative running in Texas, run by PEP (The Prison Entrepreneurship Programme). PEP's programme has achieved significant reductions in return to prison rates from 67% to less than 5%, achieved in 7 years. Of the 850 students completing PEP’s programme less that 2% return post-graduation.

British Prison Stats…
• July 2010 – Prison Population = 85,074 (1993 44,628)
• Cost per prisoner in 2010 = £45,000 pa
• Cost per prisoner in 2003 = £28,300 pa
• 75% of prisoners state that having a job will stop them re-offending…