The Team

Blast is blessed with several teams of dedicated supporters. 

Ralph Findlay
Founder and CEO
Ralph is developing partnerships which deliver seed change to reduce reoffending rates. He is providing Personal Transformation, matching Business Mentors/Coaches for sustainable resettlement of ex-offenders and their families, with the often tricky reintegration to family-life, employment and back into society. He is helping them gain employment and improve their capabilities, via mentors, education and personal transformation.

The trustees are responsible for the overall governance of the charity. Our governors come from a range of backgrounds with considerable experience of commercial and charitable organisations.

Our current board of trustees consists of:

Dena Tyler
Dena spent twenty years working in prison education, resettlement and corporate services. Her particular interest was business and community engagement. In 2015, she was made a Member of the British Empire for her work with business and the voluntary sector.  Dena retired from the Prison Service in March 2017.

Richard Silman
Richard has worked in Market Research since 1982.  He has been involved in media research for AGB, BMRB and Ipsos and has held various senior positions in each company.  He is married with two children and holds a trustee positions in Blast.  He is now responsible for all CR/Sustainability in Ipsos Group.



Michael Hooley
Mike spent a long career in the printing industry, twenty-eight years of which were in the United States. His career concluded with seven years as an independent print broker, prior to returning to England and semi-retirement.

Mike is married, with three adult children.


Pam Hooley
Pam spent a long career in an executive role with an international retailer. For the past several years, she has been involved in a number of area charitable functions.


Blue Shirts
Our blue shirts are our volunteers who act as facilitators during the 5 week programme in prison. During this time they develop a strong bond with the prisoners and are often involved in supporting the prisoners after their release.

The Blast mentors focus on supporting the offenders after their release from prison. They begin to develop a relationship with offenders before their release and then meet with them after their release to help them adjust to life after prison and in completing their transformation journey.


 “I have never seen this prisoner so engaged in a course” – Member of staff the Mount prison
 “I have never in all my years as a professional trainer seen men so engaged so quickly”  - One of the Blue Shirts

“The men are very engaged” – Governor responsible for rehabilitation