Our Partners

We cannot do it all alone, so we team up with partner organisations:

Betel of Britain (WEC)

Giving broken lives new direction…transforming the healed into healers, Betel of Britain is a group of caring, not-for-profit Christian communities helping broken people regain their health, self respect, work ethic and independence. Staying in one of Betel’s communities is free of charge and you’ll benefit from a welcoming family atmosphere completely free of addictive substances. BLAST are working closely with Kent and Mary Alice Martin who are WEC missionaries to Britain and began Betel in Britain 15 years ago. They provide advice and expertise together with their personal support. Betel are an integral part of the programme, both inside the prison and on release. They are also helping us address the drug issues and understand how we manage addicts, advising us how we can work with the existing programmes in Prison. They are offering training to the volunteers. They are able to offer our ex-offenders a place at Betel should the student wish.


Trinity Homeless Projects or ‘Trinity’ is a faith-based charity committed to working together in Christian love to support individual life transformation in those suffering the effects of homelessness and exclusion. Trinity believes that providing people suffering the effects of homelessness with safe housing, training and employment is the only long-term solution to homelessness. We work to support these people sufficiently so they can achieve independent living and long-term life changes. BLAST’s partnership with Trinity enables us to provide accommodation and work for students on release.

Langley House Trust (LHT)

LHT are a Christian charity who only partner with Christian organisations; their mission is to work with those at risk of offending, or who have offended, by establishing positive foundations so that they can lead crime-free lives and become contributors to society. The Trust will work towards the fulfilment of its vision of a crime-free society where no-one is unfairly disadvantaged or excluded because of their past. Again accommodation is provided within a Christian environment.

Prison Entrepreneurship Programme (PEP)

This organisation inspired the formation of BLAST. PEP delivers business skills and resettlement programmes to prisoners in Texas. They provide support and inspiration – BLAST are PEP’s only Strategic Partner outside Texas.

Ministry of Justice (MoJ)

The Ministry of Justice is the central government department with responsibility for Prisons and the Probation services, under  the National Offender Management Service (NOMS); this ministry also has responsibility for the Youth Justice Board (YJB). BLAST are delighted to partner with the MoJ, collaborating to reduce our nations recidivism rates and the resettlement of prisoners.

Slough Homeless Our Concern – SHOC

SHOC is the only open access day centre for homeless and vulnerable people between London and Reading. Open Monday to Saturday, they have over 300 active clients. On an average day SHOC welcome 40 clients to their Day Centre. In the last three years we have helped 200 clients to get accommodation and 60 clients to get jobs. SHOC provides hot meals each day for a modest charge. Some of our clients are not able to prepare themselves a meal and cannot afford to eat out. Without SHOC these vulnerable folk would go hungry.

Caring For Ex-Offenders (HTB)

CFEO's vision is to reduce reoffending by reintegrating ex-offenders into society through the local church. We equip churches, through training and advice, to enable them to support ex-offenders in living transformed lives.